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Inspira Stabilizers
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There are many different stabilizers on the market today that can be used to stabilize an area when decorating, sewing, embroidering or in construction.  To choose the right one for your project can be difficult.  Listed below are guidelines that can help.

INSPIRA™ TEAR-A-WAYInspira stabilizer at new england sewing

  • Tear-A-Way - Can be used for all types of fabric and in multiply layers.  It tears very easily.  This stabilizer comes in white or black.
  • Tear-A-Way Light - Use for lightweight or delicate fabrics.  Tears away even easier than regular Tear-A-Way.  You can use two layers for lightweight fabrics; gently tear each layer away so as not to apply too much stress on the delicate stitches.
  • Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way - An Eco-Friendly stabilizer that is manufactured from recycled cotton fibers.  It tears very easily leaving very little fiber residue even when using two - three layers on more solid embroideries.



  • Cut-A-Way - Is used best for very high stitch count designs and recommended for knits and all unstable fabrics (sweatshirts).  Excess inspirea cut away stabilizer at new england sewingstabilizer is cut away but not all can be removed.  Designs that have a high concentration of stitches, it is recommended to float an additional layer of Inspira™ Tear-A-Way between the hooped fabric and the machine for additional support.  This stabilizer comes in white or black.
  • Cut-A-Way Light - Designed for lighter weight fabrics that still need the extra stability for medium to high stitch count.  Designs that have more stitches or a high concentration in one small area, it is suggested to float an additional layer of Inspira™ Tear-A-Way between the hooped fabric and the machine for additional support.
  • Fusible No Show Mesh - Is a semi sheet iron-on polyester Cut-A-Way that is very soft.  Ideally used for garmenst with stretch and applications such as baby garments, children's clothing or anything that will be close to the skin.  This stabilizer eliminates bulk, stiffness and show through of stay-in stabilizers.
  • Whisper Web Mesh - Minimizes backing showing through.  It is perfect for delicate, soft and sheer fabrics.  This non abrasive stabilizer is perfect to use inside clothing, baby garments and children's clothing.  Simply trim away the excess stabilizer.
  • Stick-On - Can be used with small areas like cuffs, collars or plackets.  The stabilizer is hooped, then slit with a pin to remove the paper backing.  The fabric sticks to the stabilizer without having to be hooped.
  • Stitch Point Cut-A-Way - Improves small stitch details in embroidery designs.  This stabilizer is made of fibers melted together rather than chemical bonding creating a unique construction to minimize distortion.



  • Aqua Magic - Is very stable, soft paper-type stabilizer that dissolves in warm water.  Perfect for lace embroidery designs and embroidery on knits.
  • Aqua Magic Plus - Very stable, soft paper-type stabilizer that dissolves in warm water.  Adhesive back is perfect for hoop-less embroidery.  Perfect for lace embroidery designs and embroidery on knits.
  • Tear-N-Wash - This stabilizer is terrific for its unique qualities. Simply embroider your design, tear away the excess stabilizer; throw your garment into the wash.  Like magic the stabilizer disappears, no more bits of stabilizer left behind.  This is one of my favorites to use.
  • Dissolve-A-Way - Soluble stabilizer should be hooped when embroidering on napped fabric or knits such as terry cloth towels or sweatshirt fleece.  It can also be used alone to sew lace-type designs.  It is recommended to use Water Works as a topper.
  • Water Works - Is a film that is lighter that Dissolve-A-Way water soluble stabilizer.  It is primarily used as a topper.  Removes easily with steam, damp sponge or a warm water bath.  Repeat process until all film is dissolved.



  • Fuse-N-Tear - Press to back of fabric.  Stabilize fabrics that "move" a lot (knits, very lightweight slippery fabrics).  Tears away when complete.
  • Clear-N-Melt - A revolutionary advancement in film topping and backing.  This film eliminated the use of water for removal.  Simply apply low to medium heat setting on an iron and watch the stabilizer instantly disappear.  Although this stabilizer does not leave a residue, it is recommended that you dedicate one iron for its use.


Using the right stabilizer is key to having an embroidery design look good or terrific.