Monday | February 20, 2017
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New England Sewing

Connecticut Sharpening
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A Division of New England Sewing, LLC


scissorsharpening at CT sharpening a division of New England SewingYES, we sharpen scissors, pinking shears and knives.  All our scissors are sharpened on a state of the art wheel sharpening stone. The cutting angles are checked for precise cutting.  All knives are sharpened on premises with a water cooled wet stone. Your knives will be razor sharp for quick easy cutting and chopping.Knives, scissors and shears sharpening at New England Sewing

Drop them off with your sewing machine and they will be ready when you pick your machine up.

In a hurry, we offer next day service and sometimes same day.

Sorry, we do not sharpen hairdresser scissors or serrated knives.   Please call us for municipal rates as well as quantity discounts. 860 647-8119 or 800 44-SEWIN